"A Step in the Right Direction!"


"Westlake School for the Performing Arts is proud to offer to the children of our community an opportunity to participate in the training, the competition events, and the performing programs of WSPA.  This is not just another dance school, it is an institution where talents are discovered, skills are honed, dancers are bred, and where people come together with a common goal - to be our best, to share our best, and to give our best."

Malu Rivera-Peoples 
Artistic Director

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NEW Winter Classes - Enroll your youngest dancer in a new class or bring a friend to join the WSPA family. New classes for beginners have begun in January, so check with our office for classes still open for enrollment.  Registration is taken in the WSPA office. Call (650) 757-1244 for more details.   

  • Ballet n Tap
  • Ballet
  • Polynesian
  • Hip Hop

***ATTENTION CURRENT WSPA FAMILIES*** Bring in a new student and be sure they mention your name upon registration and receive a $30 credit towards your account.


Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" Jr.  - If you have purchased tickets to the "Beauty and the Beast" Jr. production or are a member of the cast and crew, we regret to inform you that the production is cancelled indefinitely.  Skyline Theater is under an emergency shutdown.  Details on the new date of the show will be announced soon.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Never a dull moment at WSPA - this one is definitely making history.   

Award-Winning Students - Click here to see videos and to read more about our award-winning students and performance groups, including news about Te Orama (Polynesian) and The Company (Hip Hop).

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