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Tuition is non refundable after a student is registered for the program. Tuition cannot be prorated per day.



WITHDRAWAL DUE TO INJURY: If a student chooses to attend the program with an established injury or illness, it is important that they notify WSPA of their condition. If the student’s condition later requires them to withdraw, WSPA must receive a physician’s note as official documentation of illness or injury. If a doctor recommends a withdrawal from the program, the student will be given a $250 refund. Students withdrawing for other reasons are not eligible for a refund. Refunds will be processed in September 2023. 


DISMISSAL DUE TO MISCONDUCT: WSPA reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct, attitude, or attendance is found to be unsatisfactory and unsafe to other students. If a student is dismissed for reasons of unacceptable conduct, there is NO REFUND on tuition.


KAUAI TAHITIAN FESTIVAL: Students who are representing Te Ōrama in Kauai on August 1 to 8 will be prorated for the days missed. (This is an exemption to the No Prorate per day policy.) The participation in the ballet culmination on August 11 will be at the discretion of their teachers. 


NOTIFICATION: To notify WSPA of a student’s illness or injury, please contact the WSPA Office at 650-757-1244 or  immediately to discuss the situation. 

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