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Our 30th Season of Dance!


2020-2021 ENROLLMENT


We will re-open our studio September 8, 2020 offering both Hybrid and Virtual Only classes.



For the beginning / intermediate dancer! The General School offers a wide range of classes for children who want to take dance for exercise, coordination, disciple, and fun.

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The Performance Program is patterned after a young performing company. They represent the school at competitions and dance festivals, nationally and internationally.



The Professional Ballet Division prepares students for a professional future in ballet. Students must show a readiness with an open mind for the division's intense training. 





Weekly classes available for ages 3 and up. 

New to WSPA? Check out our beginning classes!



-Musical Theatre



-Hip Hop

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Reopening Plan & Health

and Safety Protocol

As you know, many counties in California are re-closing due to COVID-19. We hoped to fully re-open our studios on September 8. However, as this pandemic is ongoing and constantly evolving, fully re-opening seems unlikely.


Proper COVID-19 health and safety protocol will be enforced at the school to ensure the well being of our students, parents, and teachers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Face masks are required.

  • Foot traffic in and out of the school will be monitored and directed. There will be one entrance and one exit.

  • A 6 ft. distance is required both in and out of the studios. Markers will be placed on the ground in the studios and heavy foot traffic areas to assure everyone remains 6 ft. apart at all times.

  • For students age 3-6, one parent/guardian per student is allowed to stay in the courtyard (with a face mask and staying 6 ft. apart from others). Parents of older children must drop off and pick up their children and are not permitted to observe class from the courtyard.

  • Studio windows will remain open at all times.

  • Studios will be sanitized before and after each class.

  • Temperature checks will take place at the entrance using thermo scans.

  • No bags/backpacks allowed - students will only be allowed to bring their dance shoes and a water bottle into the studio.

  • Office is restricted to 1-2 parents inside at a time.

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Limited Edition WSPA Facemask!

Stay safe while showing some WSPA spirit!


Limited edition WSPA face masks are available for purchase through the Parent Portal. We will also be selling them in the WSPA office during the first week of classes in September. Masks are One Size Fits All (fits Children & Adults).


Get your mask now through the Parent Portal!


Office Hours

Due to COVID-19, we are closed indefinitely. Until we can ensure the safety of our students and staff, the school will remain closed. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with us!

Itching to dance? CLICK HERE to view our 2020-2021 class schedule!

Mon - Fri: Closed

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

Don't forget to read our Student & Parent Handbook!

We are always in awe of you, Mahalaya! Congratulations for being awarded NYCDA's 2020 National Teen Outstanding Dancer!


"I am so honored that I received the Teen Outstanding Dancer Award! Thank you so much to Joe Lanteri and all of the NYCDA faculty for this virtual experience and the amazing opportunity. I also want to thank all my dance teachers, friends, and family members for supporting me all the time and getting me to where I am today. Congrats to Mason Evans and I'm very excited to tour with you. LOVE YOU ALL! #nycda #nycdafamily thank you to Elena Laniog-Alvarez from the University of Philippines for her amazing choreography! Thank you Ms. Tina for coaching me!"


-Mahalaya Tintiangco-Cubales @mahalayatc

via Instagram | July 10, 2020

"E Komo Mai"

A #socialdisdance Project by Te Ōrama


This special work was written and choreographed by Uncle Anthony to commemorate this time in which we have been physically separated but still joined together in spirit.

Members of our Polynesian Performance Program learned and performed this work all via social disDancing!

Thank you, Te
Ōrama, for this beautiful final performance!

Malu Rivera Peoples

Artistic Director

Westlake School for the Performing Arts is proud to offer to the children of our community an opportunity to participate in the training, the competition events, and the performing programs of WSPA. This is not just another dance school, it is an institution where talents are discovered, skills are honed, dancers are bred, and where people come together with a common goal - to be our best, to share our best, and to give our best. 

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