Health & Safety Protocol


To ensure the wellbeing of our students, parents, and teachers, the following health and safety protocol will be enforced at the school:

  • Face masks are required in our studios and courtyard. 

  • All persons entering the complex must fill out WSPA’s Health Form each day. We ask that you fill out the form prior to arrival. The Health Form QR code will be posted at the entrance as a reminder for those who did not yet submit it.

  • Link to WSPA’S Health Form:

  • No outside shoes are allowed in the studios. Students will be asked to change into their clean dance shoes at the studio’s entrance.

  • Ballet barres and equipment will be sanitized by our staff between classes.





Hybrid Classes incorporate BOTH students learning in-person while simultaneously streaming students enrolled in the same class via zoom. This means students will be attending class each week, not one or the other.


Tips for a successful Hybrid class:


  • Proper COVID-19 health and safety protocol will be enforced at the school to ensure the well being of our students, parents, and teachers. 


  • Bring your own Yoga Mat for floor exercises. 


  • Outside shoes will not be allowed in the studios - students must bring shoes that they only use for dance to change into.


  • Pack a water bottle! Water fountains/dispenser will not accessible.


  • Students with multiple classes throughout the day are allowed to bring a dance bag, water, and snacks.


  • Dress code instills discipline as your dancer trains and will be enforced for all classes.

Tips for a successful Zoom class:


  • Mute your audio! Background noise can be very disruptive and will drown out both the instructor and music.


  • Speaker View will allow you to see your child's instructor in a large, wider screen.


  • Gallery View will allow you to see the entire class in grid format.


  • Sufficient space to move! We recommend 5’x 5’ area of danceable space with a usable dance floor (see #8).


  • Limit all distractions so your dancer can FOCUS! Inform all family members to steer clear of your dance space.


  • Parent Assistance is up to your discretion, especially if your dance is between the ages of 4-6 years old.


  • Makeshift Barre or DIY Ballet Barre - Our at-home ballet students can use anything from a chair to a ledge as a Makeshift Barre, or even DIY Ballet Barre. Note: If you do not glue the bottom joints, the barre can be flattened against a wall and can be put away when not in use.


  • Marley Floor Replacement - You can purchase this Shower Pan Liner from Home Depot to lay over your hardwood floor that has a similar texture to Marley, the flooring in traditional dance studios.  It can be taped down with blue tape or it can be rolled up and put away when not in use.

  • Best Floor option for Tappers - You can purchase this Residential Maple Dance Floor Kit as a floor replacement for Tap. You are welcome to browse for more options!


  • Dress code instills discipline as your dancer trains and will be enforced for all classes.