Student-Teacher & Choreographer

Polynesian General School

Te Ōrama Company Dancer

Rinoa Longhitano has been in the Polynesian Program at WSPA for ten years. Her first teacher was Auntie Camille, where she began her love for dancing. After being taught by Auntie Camille, Rinoa moved onto the Performance Program where she has been taught by Auntie Katrina DeJesus, Auntie Janelle, and now Auntie Morgan Chang-Jimenez. She is grateful to have Kumu Hula Anthony Waipa Manaois as a mentor for almost 9 years and to be a student under Te Orama. Her first competition with Te Orama was at the 2013 San Jose Tahiti Fete, and ever since she has been passionate to perform and compete. Rinoa was a Teacher’s Aide for four years, and is now excited to teach students herself about the Tahitian and Hawaiian cultures. Dancing is what Rinoa loves most, and she can’t wait to share the love and mana with others. This year, Rinoa has been able to learn more about the Tahitian Culture with Anthony Abellana teaching her how to play the To’ere. Dancing with Te Orama has brought Rinoa so much closer to the Tahitian and Hawaiian culture, and she hopes to dance and teach as long as she can. Rinoa is currently a junior at Westmoor High School in Daly City.