2021 - 2022






Dear Students Parents & Guardians,


Welcome to a new year with Westlake School for the Performing Arts! I thank you for entrusting us with your child’s dance and theatre education.  For 30 years, WSPA has successfully achieved its goal of offering quality training in dance and theatre, providing students with the necessary tools for success while building a strong community for all of our students and families. I am very excited for the year to come as we transition back to in-person training, and we look forward to another great year with you all! 


Our faculty is composed of some of the best dance and theatre educators in the Bay Area and beyond. These teachers and role models are here to guide your child so they can have a fulfilling and successful journey with our school. To gain the most out of every training opportunity we ask that all of our students come to each class with the right mindset and work ethic. For our school, these things are defined as the following:


Commitment - Everything starts with showing up; Consistent attendance is essential to your child’s development, progression, and success within our programs 

Hard Work - Each student is unique and our goal is for every student to be the best version of themself that they can be. Working hard and trying your best is a key component in reaching that goal. 

Team Player - By being a team player your child shows that they are dedicated to not just their own success, but also the success of their class and the WSPA community.

Positive Thinking - Within their journey with our school your child will be challenged. Viewing these challenges as a sign of their progression, and not as a hindrance to their journey, will help your child stay positive and motivated in their training. 

Having Fun - Dance is supposed to be fun! It is important for your child to find joy in their journey, as well as celebrate their setbacks and accomplishments. When your child is enjoying this process, things like commitment, working hard, being a team player and thinking positively will come naturally. 


I am excited for your child to receive their dance and theatre education from our school. Beyond their training they will also learn about the culture of their art forms, as well as respect and admiration for the arts in general. We will work with them, and they will work with each other to develop long lasting relationships with their teachers, peers and fellow classmates. Most importantly, they will develop tools for success and partake in amazing experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives..


As your School Director, I request you read this handbook so you understand and are fully aware of our school policies and our yearly milestones. I can’t stress enough that the success of each child is dependent on not just the student themself, but the support of our school and their family. It takes all of us, and together we will be able to attain our mutual goals and aspirations for the children.


Sharing my love for dance with you always,

Malu Rivera-Peoples




To provide a high standard of training to every student.

To develop physical and mental discipline through hard work, dedication, and perseverance; and instill a respect and love for dance.


To build the confidence and self-esteem of each student.


To provide a learning experience in professional theater through performances and participation in quality productions.


To provide an avenue for young talents aspiring to become performing artists, choreographers and teachers.