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Student-Teacher / Hip Hop APT Member

Hip Hop General School Program

​Micha Bautista started dancing at 5 years old and fell in love with dance ever since. She trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap, but is now mainly focusing on her hip hop journey. She officially joined WSPA in 2018 and immediately connected with the strong community and creative environment. She began training on Jr. APT and transitioned to APT the following year and is now going into her 5th year on the team. Micha was provided an opportunity to share her passion through aiding a hip hop class for Ms. Mel in 2019. In 2021, Micha began to teach 4 hip hop classes, from ages 6-10 with Miss Sophia and Miss Hailie which has been such an exciting and fulfilling experience. Micha is currently a senior at South San Francisco High School and is the co-founder and co-president of the school’s hip hop club. She strives to inspire and encourage her students to be the best dancers that they can be.

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