Student-Teacher & Choreographer

Polynesian General School

Te Ōrama Company Dancer

Brianna Huang began dancing at the age of five, starting with Urban dance, ballet, and hula, and has continued her love for dance since then. She joined WSPA’s Polynesian dance program with Auntie Morgan as her first teacher and then moved to the performance program where she was also taught by Kumu Hula Anothony Waipa Manaois and Auntie Katrina DeJesus. She started sharing her passion for Polynesian dance by becoming a teacher aide when she was 15. She has gone on to become a dance teacher for WSPA’s Polynesian general school and loves to watch her students embark on their dance journies. Brianna is now currently a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco, where she is a member of Sacred Heart’s Dance Team and is also the President and choreographer for SHC’s Polynesian dance club.