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Teacher & Choreographer

Hip Hop Performance Program

WSPA Alumni Class 2006

Aggie has been part of WSPA since 2003. Starting out in the hip gr xv  chop advanced class, she became a member of APT in 2004 and went on to join The Company in 2005. She began co-directing The Company in 2013 with a few gap years from 2014-2016, and continued until 2019. Dance has always been a passion of hers since she was in elementary school. It wasn’t until she joined WSPA that sparked her love for dance. With this passion Aggie has been blessed to teach internationally in Russia and China, and all over the U.S. including New York, New Jersey, Boston, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Hawaii, and up and down California. She currently is a co-director of WSPA’s Training Ground, and is focused on stewarding her talents, knowledge, and experiences to her students and fellow directors.

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